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LANCASTER, N.Y. (June 10, 2017) – Lancaster National Dragway had its first double winner of 2017 on Friday night as Mike Swinarski of Boston, N.Y. picked up wins in both Top 8 and Mallare Enterprises Top ET.

In other Franco’s Pizza IHRA Drag Racing action, Mike Zamuda of Buffalo won the first ever event at Lancaster for the Supercharged Bounty Hunters. Clay Ricketson of E. Aurora, N.Y. took top honors in McGard Mod. Mike Peters of Angola, N.Y. scored his third win of the year in Hebeler’s Sales Bikes & Sleds. Meg Grzekiewicz of Belfast, N.Y. won Tread City Tire Street and Reid Ricketson won a special Mopar vehicles only class.

Veteran drag racer Mike Swinarski swept the night in Top 8 and Mallare Enterprises Top ET. Swinarski started off by holding off Joe Masullo in the finals of Top 8. He then was inserted into the Top ET bracket where he once again advanced to the finagling pairing. This time Swinarski was the chaser instead of the one being chased, and he made up about one second head start on the starting tree to defeat Ken Babiak, Jr. for his win #2.

The Supercharged Bounty Hunters thundered into Lancaster for the very first time, and put on a show for the fans. Mike Zmuda took down Frank Malvaso in the finals. Zmuda had the slower elapsed time (4.71 to 4.70), but he left the starting line first to give him a slight advantage at top end.

In McGard Mod, Clay Ricketson picked up his first win of the season over veteran Jeff Kerl. His younger brother, Reid, gave the family a second win in a special Mopar only class. The Mopar class was put on as a precursor to Mopar Day taking place at Lancaster on Saturday afternoon.

Mike Peters continued his hot streak in Hebeler’s Sales Bikes & Sleds. He advanced to his fourth final round in a row to start the 2017 season and scored his third win after his competitor, Michael Puglia, broke out. Meg Grzekiewicz earned her first Tread City Tire Street win aboard her 1984 GMC pickup truck.

Next Friday, June 17, is Ladies Night at Lancaster National Dragway with $5 admission for all females. Come see a special match race featuring the Purple Reign Pro Modified of Melanie Salemi and the Top Dragster of the “Dragoness” Kathy Fisher. There will also be special ladies only Pro and Amateur classes with each winner receiving a diamond ring from Cash & Go Pawn. Time trials start at 5 p.m.

RESULTS (Driver, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time and top speed)

Top 8 ET

Winner: Mike Swinarki (Boston, N.Y.) 2002 Chevrolet Camaro .525 5.17 5.174
seconds, 133.20 mph

Runner-up: Joe Masullo (Buffalo, N.Y.) .542 5.05 5.054 seconds, 133.08 mph

Supercharged Bounty Hunters

Winner: Mike Zmuda (Buffalo, N.Y.) .436 4.717 seconds, 150.41 mph

Runner-up: Frank Malvaso (Rochester, N.Y.) .522 4.704 seconds, 138.47 mph

Mallare Enterprises Top ET

Winner: Mike Swinarki (Boston, N.Y.) 2002 Chevrolet Camaro .589 5.15 5.175 seconds, 132.99 mph

Runner-up: Ken Babiak, Jr. (Elma, N.Y.) 1964 Chevrolet Nova II .516 6.16 6.274 seconds, 111.95 mph

McGard Mod ET

Winner: Clay Ricketson (E. Aurora, N.Y.) 1974 Dodge Dart .537 7.37 7.395 seconds, 85.07 mph

Runner-up: Jeff Kerl (Cheektowaga, N.Y.) 1968 Chevrolet Camaro .531 6.74 6.859 seconds, 99.31 mph

Hebeler’s Sales Bikes & Sleds

Winner: Mike Peters (Angola, N.Y.) 1980 Kawasaki .539 5.60 5.613 seconds, 122.03 mph

Runner-up: Michael Puglia (Tonawanda, N.Y.) 2002 Kawsaki .567 5.18 5.169 seconds, 130.79 mph

Tread City Tire Street ET

Winner: Meg Grzekiewicz (Belfast, N.Y) 1984 GMC .518 10.85 10.848 seconds, 64.02 mph

Runner-up: John Wachowicz (Sanborn, N.Y.) Lincoln Mark VI .461 FOUL

All Mopar Class

Winner: Reid Ricketson .580 7.16 7.209 seconds, 93.58 mph

Runner-up: Mason Fix (Amherst, N.Y.) 1969 Dodge Dart .493 FOUL

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