RoC Super Stock Series announces official results from July 8 race

After review of the Super Stock race from Saturday, July 8, 2017, the finish order of the race is included and the results posted are official. The race was extended with a final green-white-checker finish as declared by the Race of Champions Race Director present at the event over the one-way radio, as stated in the Race of Champions rule book and competition format for the event. It also must be noted that once an event is extended the actual conclusion on the race track, is the finish of the race as per the Race Director of the event’s decision to extend the race, including the green-white-checker which is a Race Procedure decision that is final, non-appealable per section E. of the 2017 Race of Champions rule book.

Shawn Frarey of Webster, N.Y., is the winner followed by Josh Hunter (2nd) and Tommy Reese (3rd). Robert Fink and Vern Hedderick rounded out the top-five. The results of the July 8, 2017 event are included in the results section of this release.

Photo by Paula Thompson

Feature Finish
Race of Champions Super Stock Finish – July 8, 2017
Lancaster National Speedway, Lancaster, N.Y.

Pos Car Number Name
1 38 Shaun Frarey
2 7 Josh Hunter
3 81 Tommy Reese
4 78 Robert Fink
5 1 Vern Hedderick
6 96 Dana Nova
7 03 Dale Lazzaro
8 92 Ryan Lagoda
9 1x Rob Misczak
10 89 Pete Pieczynski
11 75 Zack Willis
12 84 Josh Schoonmaker
13 37 Bobby Shosek
14 19 Jeff Whalen
15 M37 Tim Gullo
16 31x Ron Richner
17 48 Tommy Krawczyk
18 28 Tom Barron
19 52 Joel Gleason
20 64 Joe Mancuso

Qualifying Race 1

Pos Car Number Name

1 M37 Tim Gullo
2 81 Tommy Reese
3 48 Tommy Krawczyk
4 28 Tommy Barron
5 64 Joe Mancuso
6 52 Joel Gleason

Qualifying Race 2

Pos Car Number Name

1 78 Robert Fink
2 38 Shaun Frarey
3 19 Jeff Whalen
4 75 Zack Willis
5 92 Ryan Lagoda
6 96 Dana Nova
7 03 Dale Lazzaro

Qualifying Race 3

Pos Car Number Name

1 7 Josh Hunter
2 37 Bobby Shosek
3 1 Vern Hedderick
4 84 Josh Schoonmaker
5 89 Pete Pieczynski
6 1x Rob Misczak
7 31x Ron Richner

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