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LANCASTER, N.Y. (May 25, 2017) – Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway and Kozak Motorsports Marketing have finalized the line-up for this year’s Street Outlaw Night scheduled for Friday, June 30.

It was a successful night and huge crowd turnout from last year’s event when Kamikazi Chris and Boosted GT, representing the 405, took on the 716 Buffalo Street Outlaws in a thrilling show. Since then, all involved with Lancaster have been waiting with anticipation in regards to who was coming from the 405 to challenge the 716 this year.

As previously announced, Kamikaze Chris and his popular ElCo will be returning to WNY. This year, he’s bringing his fellow driver, Dominator, and his 1967 Dodge Dart from the popular “Street Outlaws” TV show on Discovery Channel

“Last year we brought in Boosted and Kamikaze to take on our local guys, the Buffalo Street Outlaws,” said Tim Packman, Track President. “They came to race, no exhibition passes. It was a huge success and we can’t wait to expand on it for this year’s show.

“Both Kamikaze and Boosted were ‘small tire’ guys that took on our Outlaw Class of the Buffalo Street Outlaws. The 716 took the win with both Moe Alfaqih and Douglas Vanstrom taking impressive runs over the duo from the 405.”

Rob Kozak, of KMM, has been in touch with both Kamikaze Chris and Joe Woods, AKA Dominator, in putting the final touches on this year’s event.

“This year, Kamikaze is coming back with revenge on his mind and Alfaqih has been working hard all off season to stay ahead of him,” Kozak said. “With the success and word of mouth from the event last year, Dominator is coming with his ‘big tire’ Mopar and is calling out the Blown Alcohol Duster of Lackawanna, N.Y.’s Mike Zmuda.”

This will be Kamikaze’s second trip to the 716, one which he remembers fondly from last year.

“The people of Buffalo were awesome to us,” he said. “They were great and we had a great time. I’m talking about everyone from the Nite Cappe, Lancaster Dragway and everywhere we went. We stayed there for a few days, checked out the area and my sister even went to Woodlawn Beach. Who woulda thought that’s in Buffalo?

“I can’t wait to come back. We made some great friends, but Moe better have his ‘stuff’ together.”

With the highly popular Discovery Channel “Street Outlaws” TV show, a tight shooting schedule being dependent on weather, they are looking forward to making the trip to Buffalo and the 716 area. Which is something Dominator doesn’t take for granted when making bookings like the upcoming event at Lancaster Dragway.

“I’m always hesitant to take bookings because I never want to disappoint the fans,” he said. “The show is our main thing and sometimes, shooting schedules change. Our shooting schedule is just like going to a race, we always have to have good weather.

“If there is a string of bad weather, that puts shooting behind and it forces us to cancel appearances. And that is something none of us want but, I would rather be upfront with the fans and let them know how it works for us.

“Believe me, I’m excited about coming to Lancaster and doing the car show at the Nite Cappe. I’m looking forward to checking out that Duster/Demon and after speaking to both, Kamikaze Chris and Boosted GT, I truly look forward to coming to Lancaster and meeting the racers and fans of Buffalo.

“Boosted and Kamikaze had a great time there last year and were really impressed with the people of the area.”

In addition to racing the Buffalo Street Outlaws, the 405 representatives will spend Thursday, June 29 at the Nite Cappe Steak and Seafood in Lackawanna for the annual BSO Street Outlaw Car Show.

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