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In case you couldn’t attend the divisional meetings last week for the drag racing program, here are some important notes. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns we kindly ask that you send them directly to Tim or Sharon and do not post them on social media. Thank you.

  • General discussions (not class specific):
    • 2016 season was very successful, almost to where we need to be
    • We are going to have non-racing events at the facility, will bring new faces to the track
    • Continued request by Tim to PLEASE stay positive on social media. The whining and negativity displayed by many is seen by fans and sponsors and can do nothing but hurt our track. We are all accessible to discuss topics and concerns
    • NO Sunday races (other than Sunday Nostalgia and US Open weekends
      • Race of Champions will be on a Tuesday
    • All efforts to upgrade the speakers and PA for next season are being made
    • In discussion to redo burnout pads (from a partnership with Oak Orchard Concrete)
    • We are going to fix the “dipped” uneven old concrete in Lane 1
    • There will be a FRIDAY NIGHT RACER Facebook page where the bye runs, ladders, payouts etc will be posted each week.
    • The current TSI timing system computer will be updated for 2017 season
    • Alcohol is not allowed in restricted areas. (staging lanes, starting line, etc)
    • On the Sunday Nostalgia weekend we will run a “Modern Muscle” class on Sat/Sun for cars 1981 – 1997
    • Point Members will have preference for reserved pit spots in the “hot car” pits. We want them full each week so it doesn’t look like a ghost town from the parking lot…must join points to purchase a hot pit pad
    • Test & Tune & Pre-Tech is on Friday April 28. Opening night will be Friday May 5 (Cinco de Mayo)
    • When cars are lined up in one lane for eliminations, we will direct the first one out to the lane they are in and the second to the other
    • Cars are not to line up in staging lanes past the double yellow line. Go to the next staging lanes (If 1 & 2 are full, go to 3 & 4 or wherever the official directs you) Blocking the back gate and racers driving by is a safety issue
    • Driver requests:
      • To continue “fog lines” on edges of return road behind Turns 3&4 of oval
      • Pavement in back of staging lanes needs repair (lanes 5 and 6)
      • Request burnout box to be swept to center for vehicles trying to avoid the water.
      • All agreed consistent good track prep is a must
      • Possibility for second scoreboard display near starting line
      • Possible grinding of the track will be looked into
    • Discussed changing the cutoff to 7.50 to let quicker street cars in. There will be a DOT tire rule as we do not want to steal cars from Mod, just allow more street cars in.
    • Mod and Top will go on a ladder by reaction time when we get down to eight cars. Lane choice will go to the better qualified car. Lane choice in finals by coin toss.
    • Mod and Top will go on a ladder by reaction time when we get down to eight cars. Lane choice will go to the better qualified car. Lane choice in finals by coin toss.
    • We will continue Top 8. Drivers must indicate on their tech card TOP 8. You can text Sharon and let her know you’re in and pay in the lanes OR come to the tower IMMEDIATELY after second qualifier of Top.
    • We will allow four-wheelers to compete. They must meet IHRA safety rules including road type (not knobby) tires. They can’t run in Box/No-Box races against full-size vehicles
    • We addressed the fact the point fund is as large as the other classes with only 1/3 of the points members. We will pay top-five places in 2017. We will reevaluate the Bike & Sled Point Fund at the end of the 2017 season
    • There will be buybacks. $20 and first round losers can pay in the lanes. Buybacks will run each other in the beginning of round 2 (round 1 winners follow original ladder round 1) and all bike and sled winners will re-qualify during round 2 by reaction time for a new ladder. If there is an odd number of buybacks and there is a bye on the ladder, the last buyback will go in that spot. If there is an odd number of buybacks and there is no bye on the ladder, the last buyback will go on the ladder in the best qualified racers spot (who did not already get a bye Round 1) and they will get the bye.
    • On Bike Night we will add a Amateur Street class.
    • We asked how often they want to race – the answer seemed to be as much as possible
    • We will schedule Outlaw and Limited Street once a month. Real Street will run on select Wednesdays (usually the one before Street Outlaw on Friday) and on select Fridays
    • Starting line access passes will be issued to each driver with a photo of their car on it. Anyone on the starting line must have a pass for the car they are with.


We will confirm any changes and/or actions  at a later date.

Thank you for your continued participation and dedication to Lancaster