LANCASTER, N.Y. (August 18, 2019) – Lancaster Speedway @ New York International Raceway Park hosted one of its crown jewels of the stock car season on Saturday night with the 30th running of the Tommy Druar/Tony Jankowiak Memorial 110 for the Race of Champions Modified Series. 

Photo by Ken Dippel

A total of 24 Modifieds took the green flag for the 110 lap feature with Chuck Hossfeld and Karl Hehr leading the field. Eric Beers swiftly moved from the third starting position to take the lead from Hossfeld down the backstretch on the opening lap.

The race was halted on lap 6 when Hehr’s car got loose coming out of turn four and made heavy impact with the Thermal Foam blocks, retaining wall and catch fence before rolling over. 

Lancaster’s Safety Crew was quick to respond where they able to establish communication with the driver before gently putting the car back on its wheels. Hehr was able to climb from his car and walked to the ambulance where he received further evaluation.

The damage to the catch fence combined with track’s curfew forced officials to postpone the remainder of the event until Friday, September 13 at 8 p.m. The final 104 laps of the Tommy/Tony 110 will be completed as a kickoff to the 31st annual U.S. Open weekend. 

Beers was scored as the leader of the race when it was red flagged followed by Hossfeld, Patrick Emerling, Daren Scherer and Daryl Lewis, Jr.

In other action on Saturday, Joe Mancuso of Buffalo won the 37-lap Race of Champions Super Stock feature in honor of Tommy Druar and Tony Jankowiak. Mancuso led all 37 laps from the pole for his first RoC Super Stock win of the season. He was followed closely throughout most of the race by Tommy Krawczyk, Tommy Barron and Andy Cryan. That trio followed Mancuso across the finish line with TJ Cochrane rounding out the top five.

In the Street Stocks, Brian Hoffman of S. Wales, N.Y. led all 25 laps of the feature from the pole position. Hoffman and Rich Sharpe started on the front row after the pair had a spirited heat race earlier in the night that saw Sharpe get the win.

The roles were reversed for the feature as Hoffman had to hold off Sharpe for the entire race. The pair made contact down the backstretch following a restart on lap 14, but Hoffman was able to shake it off. 

While Hoffman was the first car across the finish line he was penalized all points and money for a post-race technical infraction. Sharpe finished second followed by Mike Scott, Tommy Wentland and Nik Welshans.

In the NYPA TQ Midgets, Bobby Holmes of Lockport, N.Y. led all 20 laps of the feature claim his first win of the season. Holmes, driving for car owner Charlie DiRosa, survived about a half dozen restarts to secure the victory. 

A mid race incident put Dave Wollaber on Holmes’s back bumper for the final 10 laps of the race. The pair of drivers, who were teammates at one point in their respective careers, battled right to the finish with Holmes coming out on top. Wollaber placed second followed by Brandon Zavarella, Erik Musto and Vinny Christiano III. 

Stock car racing returns to Lancaster this Saturday, August 24, with the third annual Ken Heckler Tribute “51” for the Street Stocks. The Street Stocks will do battle in their longest race of the year that pays tribute to a gentle giant in the “Hurricane” Ken Heckler. The Race of Champions Sportsman Modifieds, 4-Cylinders and NYPA TQ Midgets will also be in action. Racing starts at 6:30 p.m.



Fast Qualifier: Mike Leaty – 17.123 seconds

Heat Winners: Chuck Hossfeld, Mike Leaty, Amy Catalano

Feature: Race postponed until September 13 after six laps due to catch fence damage


Heat Winners: Joe Mancuso, Tommy Barron

Feature: JOE MANCUSO, Tommy Krawczyk, Tommy Barron, Andy Cryan, TJ Cochrane, Zach Willis, Travis Montgomery, Joel Gleason, Rob Pocobello, Don Adamczyk, Dale Lazzaro, Dave Bailey, Ron Richter, Vern Hedderick, Ryan Lagoda, Chuck Anderson


Heat Winners:Lou Carbone, Mike Scott, Ken Maltby, Rich Sharpe

Feature: BRIAN HOFFMAN, Rich Sharpe, Mike Scott, Tommy Wentland, Nik Welshans, Lou Carbone, Chris Powers, Mark Hoch, Mike Dalfonso, Ken Maltby, Jerry Kosmowski, Tim Garlock, Scott Chaplin, Jim Dauer, Ed Culliton, Dave Whittaker, Wes Labar, Michele Russo, Scott Soos, Mike Rogers, Josh Schosek, Rick Meyers, Garrett Cleversley, Max Northem, Dylan Carbone, Tim Welshans, Frank Prell


Heat Winners: Andy Jankowiak, Dave Wollaber

Feature: BOBBY HOLMES, Dave Wollaber, Brandon Zavarella, Erik Musto, Vinny Christiano III, Andy Jankowiak, Vinny Christiano, Jr., Arik McGruder, Jim Fleischman, Pat Smith, Jim Musto, Cameron Ruggiero, Kevin Wilson, Tony Patrea, Greg Urban, Andy Nye, Tim Ruggiero, AJ Hessler, Kyle Hutchinson, Ryan Lagoda DNS: Chad Haywood



LANCASTER, N.Y. (July 21, 2019) – Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y. captured the 25-lap Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series event as part of Autograph Night at Lancaster Speedway @ New York International Raceway Park on Saturday. 

In supporting action, Terry Weldy of Clarence, N.Y. won the Race of Champions Late Model feature. Rich Sharpe of Lancaster captured the Street Stock feature. Dave Brunka of Cheektowaga, N.Y. won the 4-Cylinder feature. Dave Wollaber of Ransomville, N.Y. won the NYPA TQ Midget feature. 

The front row of the RoC Sportsman Series feature included a pair of drivers from Eden, N.Y. as George Skora III and Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. led the field of 23 cars to the opening green flag. Skora grabbed the lead while Chuck Hossfeld came from the third starting spot to move into second place. Two laps later Hossfeld got by Skora to take the lead.

The race was slowed by a trio of cautions during laps 7-8. The front of the field saw a major shakeup with the second of these incidents. Skora slowed up on the outside line and eventually hooked nerf bars with Fiebelkorn. Daryl Lewis, Jr. received damage in the chaos and collided with Erick Ruffell. Tony Carbone was also involved. 

This moved Shawn Nye into second place followed by Joe Evans, John Barber, Eddie Hawkins and Andy Jankowiak. 

The rest of the race ran off caution free as Hossfeld and Nye distanced themselves from the rest of the field. Hossfeld held off Nye in the closing laps to secure the victory. Nye finished second followed by Barber, Hawkins and Jimmy Zacharias. 

Terry Weldy captured his first career Late Model feature win on Saturday at Lancaster in the RoC Late Model Series 30-lap feature. Weldy took over the lead following a lap 2 restart when he drove under race leader Sam Fullone. Fullone had slid up on the restart to possibly block Bobby Weber, Weldy used that as an opportunity to get by Fullone. 

Weldy and Weber dominated the majority of the race as they opened up a sizable advantage over the field. The pair of late race cautions shook things up. Dave Whittaker spun out on lap 21 to bring out the first caution after a 19-lap run. Weber and Eldon King III tangled in turn two, two laps later.

This set up the final run to the finish for Weldy, who drove away for the final seven laps to score his first career Late Model win. Frank Batista, Jr. finished in second place. Fullone, Weber and King rounded out the top five. 

Rich Sharpe led all 25 laps of the Street Stock feature to capture his first win of the season. The first 15 laps of the race went caution free. Ken Maltby and Nik Welshans were chasing Sharpe through lapped traffic when Maltby was slowed by a lapped car. Welshans ran into the back of Maltby to spin him out while Mike Scott spun to avoid them. 

This moved Brian Hoffman to second place followed by Mark Hoch, Mike Dalfonso and Tommy Wentland. Hoffman challenged Sharpe for the lead when the race went back to green, but Sharpe pulled away in the closing laps. Sharpe picked up the win followed by Mark Hoch, Wentland, Chris Powers and Dalfonso. 

Dave Brunka and Kenny Hejna battled for the win in the 4-Cylinder feature. Hejna attempted to get a run alongside Brunka late in the race, but lapped traffic made it difficult for him to make a pass. Brunka held on to score the victory over Hejna, Dan Dressel, Charles Palmer and Chris Pennell.

Dave Wollaber passed Bobby Holmes with five laps to go to win the 20-lap NYPA TQ Midget feature. Holmes passed Chad Haywood for the lead on lap 6. Wollaber moved into second place five laps later. He then got a run to the inside of Holmes down the back straightaway to take the lead. 

The engine expired in Holmes’s car shortly after this to set up a battle between Wollaber and Kyle Hutchinson to decide the race. Hutchinson challenged Wollaber all the way to the finish, but could not overtake him. Wollaber scored the victory followed by Hutchinson, Andy Jankowiak, Erik Musto and Andy Nye. 

Stock car racing continues at Lancaster Speedway @ NYIRP on Saturday, August 17 with the 30th annual Tommy Druar/Tony Jankowiak Memorial Modified 110 for the Race of Champions Modified Series.



Heat Winners: Chuck Hossfeld, George Skora III, Shawn Nye

Feature: CHUCK HOSSFELD, Shawn Nye, John Barber, Eddie Hawkins, Jimmy Zacharias, Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr., Neal Dietz, Jr., Andy Jankowiak, Andy Lewis, Joe Evans, Bobby Weber, Mark Pennell, Jeff Szafraniec, Tim Gullo, Leo Becker, Cassie Logsdon, Bob Wilson, Jr., Jayme Thompson, Daryl Lewis, Jr., Tony Carbone, Erick Ruffell, George Skora III, Bobby Hanel DNS: Dave Kozlowski


Heat Winners: Terry Weldy, Eldon King III

Feature: TERRY WELDY, Frank Batista, Jr., Sam Fullone, Bobby Weber, Eldon King III, Dave Whittaker, Ron Richter, Dave Heitzhaus, Dave Rigan, Joe Brainard


Heat Winners: Nik Welshans, Ken Maltby, Rich Sharpe

Feature: RICH SHARPE, Mark Hoch, Tommy Wentland, Chris Powers, Mike Dalfonso, Lou Carbone, Max Northem, Garrett Cleversley, Tim Garlock, Mike Scott, Mike Rogers, Ken Maltby, Nik Welshans, Jerry Kosmowski, Jim Dauer, Michele Russo, Wes LeBar, Brian Hoffman, Scott Chaplin, Scott Soos, Frank Prell, Glenn Absolom


Heat Winners: Dave Brunka, Chris Pennell

Feature: DAVE BRUNKA, Kenny Hejna, Dan Dressel, Charles Palmer, Jr., Chris Pennell, Andy Danielwicz, Josh Schosek, Dave Evans, Kyle Casper, Casey Pew, Mason Offhaus, Justin Vallone, Braden Suffoletta, Mike Long DNS: Tommy Hughes, Anton Anderson


Heat Winners: AJ Hessler, Bobby Holmes

Feature: DAVE WOLLABER, Kyle Hutchinson, Andy Jankowiak, Erik Musto, Andy Nye, Brandon Zavarella, AJ Hessler, Vinny Christiano, Jr., Vinny Christiano III, Ted Jones, Kevin Wilson, Chad Haywood, Tony Patrea, Arik McGruder, Cameron Ruggiero, Jim Musto, Tim Ruggiero, Bobby Holmes, Ryan Lagoda DNS: Mark Schulz



LANCASTER, N.Y. (June 9, 2019) – Lancaster Speedway & Dragway @ New York International Raceway Park (NYIRP) hosted a stock car practice session on Saturday afternoon with 40 competitors on hand. 

Officials from the Race of Champions (RoC) organized the practice session. The RoC is working with the NYIRP ownership group this season to promote a six-race series of stock car events in 2019. 

Tommy Catalano taking laps in his RoC Modified (Paula Thompson photo)

One of the drivers taking advantage of the track time at Lancaster was Race of Champions Modified driver Tommy Catalano of Ontario, N.Y. Catalano is a former Sportsman and Late Model winner a Lancaster, but is still searching for a first career RoC Modified Series win. Former track champion Nick Cappelli of Orchard Park, N.Y. shook down his ISMA Supermodified. Cappelli made his ISMA debut last year at Lancaster, and hopes to make more starts in the near future. 

Additional drivers on hand included Sam Fullone and Dave Russell from the RoC Late Models, RoC Super Stock competitors Joe Mancuso, Ryan Lagoda and Andy Cryan and RoC Sportsman drivers Mark Pennell, Dave Kozlowski and Jeff Szafraniec. The division with the biggest turn out was the Street Stocks with about 10 cars taking laps, including Mike Dalfonso, Chris Powers, Jerry Kosmowski, Nik and Tim Welshans and Jim Loffredo.

The first race of 2019 is the 5th annual Ol’ Boy Cup 60 for the Race of Champions Modified Series on Thursday, June 27. The Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders and NYPA TQ Midgets will also be in action. Additional race dates include Thursday, July 11 for the 4th annual Joe Reilly Tribute 54 for the RoC Sportsman, Autograph Night on Saturday July 20, the 30th annual Tommy Druar/Tony Jankowiak Memorial Modified 110 on August 17, the Ken Heckler Tribute 51-lap Street Stock race on August 24 and the 31st annual U.S. Open weekend on September 13-15. 

For more informational follow Lancaster Speedway & Dragway @ NYIRP and the Race of Champions on Facebook and Twitter or log to their websites: and



LANCASTER, N.Y. (May 15, 2019) – The 60th anniversary season of racing at Lancaster Speedway & Dragway @ New York International Raceway Park kicks off this Saturday with a Test & Tune session for the IHRA Drag Racing program.

Pit gates will open at 10 a.m. on Saturday for tech inspection followed by a time trial session from 12-5 p.m. 

Following of a winter of uncertainty surrounding the facility, local businessmen Vito Antonicelli and Mike Swinarski purchased the 77-acre property and will continue to operate it as a motorsports venue as well as bring in additional events to compliment the 2019 racing schedule.

The new ownership group will operate the business under the name New York International Raceway Park (NYIRP) while keeping the 60 year tradition of racing in Lancaster going strong.

“When the possibility of racing not happening at Lancaster in 2019 started to become a reality, Mike and I decided we needed to step in and help,” said Antonicelli.  “We look at it as redefining the future for generations to come. To keep the facility open for our current racers and fans while growing and adding racers and fans that will keep it going for another 60 years.”

The traditional weekly schedule of drag racing events will start next week with Tuesday night Test & Tune, Wednesday Cruise Night and Friday night IHRA Drag Racing.

Gates will open at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21 for Test & Tune and amateur drag racing. The Junior Dragsters will once again be a part of Tuesday nights this season with their first race on June 4. The Senior Nostalgia class also returns on Tuesdays with six races. Wednesday, May 22, will mark the return of the popular Wednesday Cruise Nights at NYIRP starting at 6 p.m.

The first night of points for the IHRA Drag Racing program will be Friday, May 24 for all weekly classes, including Top ET, Mod ET, Bikes & Sleds and Street ET. The TNT Super Series and the fan-favorite Buffalo Street Outlaws will be a part of the action on opening night.

The ownership of NYIRP have partnered with the Race of Champions (RoC) to put on a series of six stock car events this season. Opening night for Lancaster Speedway @ NYIRP will be Thursday, June 27 with the running of the 5th annual Ol’ Boy Cup 60 for the RoC Modified Series featuring the top Modified stars from New York and Pennsylvania. The Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders and NYPA TQ Midgets will round out the first stock car event of 2019.

A second midweek stock car special follows on Thursday, July 11 with the 4th annual Joe Reilly Tribute 54-lap race for the RoC Sportsman Modified Series. The traditional “Saturday night under lights” stock car action returns on Saturday, July 20 with Autograph Night headlined by the RoC Sportsman and Late Model Series.

One of Lancaster’s biggest Modified races returns home on Saturday, August 17 with the 30th running of the Tommy Druar/Tony Jankowiak Memorial 110 for the RoC Modifieds. The following Saturday, August 24, will be the Ken Heckler Tribute 51 for the Street Stocks.

Lancaster Speedway @ NYIRP will close out its season in its traditional fashion with “WNY’s Racing Finale”, the 31st annual U.S. Open during the weekend of September 13-15. U.S. Open weekend will keep its traditional schedule with the excitement reaching its peak with the U.S. Open 125 for the RoC Modifieds on the afternoon of Sunday, September 15.

NYIRP will host Road Rage-A-Rama (formerly known as Crash-A-Rama) on Saturday, June 15 presented by JM Motorsports Productions. This family favorite event will include and Enduro Race, Demolition Derby, School Bus Race, Flag Pole Race, Skid Plate Race and Boat Trailer Race. More details on Road Rage-A-Rama will be posted in the coming weeks.



Lancaster National Speedway, home of New York International Raceway Park will roar to life for the 2019 season with six big nights of stock car racing at the historic Western New York speed plant. Recently purchased by local drag racers and Buffalo area businessmen, Vito Antonicelli and Mike Swinarski, the track will once again entertain racing enthusiasts throughout the region in a multitude of racing genres, including modified stock car racing.

Opening night will be Thursday, June 27, with the running of the 5th Annual Ol’ Boy Cup in honor of Bill Colton and his efforts to develop the Thermal Foam soft wall blocks which are now used at many tracks. The Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series will highlight the night with a 60-lap feature. The Lancaster Street Stocks, Four Cylinders and NYPA Midgets will round out the racing card.

The Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series will also race on Saturday, August 17 with the running of the 30th Annual Tribute to Tommy Druar and Tony Jankowiak as well as part of the 30th Annual US Open on Sunday, September 15.

The Joe Reilly Summer Slam will take place on Thursday, July 11 for the Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series, with Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series events also being held on Saturday, July 20 and Saturday, August 24 along with highlighting the Saturday, September 14 portion of the US Open.

The Lancaster Street Stocks, under their 2018 Lancaster National Speedway rules package will join the card on all six occasions highlighted by the Ken Heckler ‘51’ when the division will take center stage on Saturday, August 24.

The Four Cylinders will bring their thrilling brand of racing to the inner-oval on six different occasions, including as a part of the Race of Champions Four Cylinder Dash Series as part of the US Open. The Four Cylinders will utilize their 2018 rules for the division.

The NYPA TQ Midgets will also play a role in the season, performing on five different nights at the track. Thursday, July 27; Thursday, June 11; Saturday, July 20; Saturday, August 17 and Saturday, August 24.

Purse and race information will be released for the Race of Champions divisions, the Lancaster Street Stocks and Four Cylinders in the near future. Pit Pads will go on sale on June, 1 and will be $40 for the season and the purchased pit pad will be available on the night your respective division races, including the US Open. Any questions in regard to the Stock Car program at Lancaster National Speedway, home of New York International Raceway Park, should be run through the Race of Champions (

The Race of Champions is a sanctioning body presenting Modified and Stock Car racing on asphalt and dirt surfaces throughout the Northeast, with events in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey with primary marketing partners Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, US Army, Upstate Automotive Group, Waddell Communications, Pilat Graphic Design, TDH Refrigeration, Sherwood Racing Wheels,, Wilbert’s U-Pull It and The 69th annual Race of Champions weekend will take place in 2019 at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania and is the second longest consecutive auto-racing event in North America, second only to the Indianapolis 500.

For more information, contact;

Race of Champions Media at

Follow us on Twitter; Instagram and Facebook; @RoCModSeries

The Lancaster National Speedway, home of New York International Raceway Park schedule for the 2019 season is;

Saturday, June 8 – Practice – All Divisions.

Thursday, June 27 – 5th Annual Ol’ Boy Cup 60 – Race of Champions Modified Series; Lancaster Street Stocks; Four Cylnders; NYPA TQ Mdgets

Thursday, July 11 – 4th Annual Joe Reilly Summer Slam ‘54’ – Race of Champions Sportsman Modifed Series; Lancaster Street Stocks; Four Cylinders; NYPA TQ Midgets

Saturday, July 20 – “Autograph Night” – Race of Champions Late Model Series; Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series, Lancaster Street Stocks; Four Cylinders; NYPA TQ Midgets

Saturday, August 17 – 30th Annual Tribute to Tommy Druar / Tony Jankowiak ‘110’ – Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series; Race of Champions Super Stock; Lancaster Street Stocks, NYPA TQ Midgets

Saturday, August 24 – 3rd Annual Ken Heckler ‘51’ – Lancaster Street Stocks; Race of Champions Sportsman Modifieds; Four Cylinders; NYPA TQ Midgets

Friday, September 13 – 31ST Annual US Open – Practice – All Divisions

Saturday, September 14 – Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series; Race of Champions Super Stock Series; Race of Champions Four Cylinders Dash Series; Race of Champiions TQ Midgets

Sunday, September 15 – Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Series; Race of Champions Late Model Series; Lancaster Street Stocks



Stock Car Racing

LANCASTER, N.Y. (November 11, 2018) – Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway saluted its top performers of the 2018 season this past weekend with the annual awards banquets for the Franco’s Pizza IHRA Drag Racing program and the X-Press Signs Stock Car Series.

The celebration of the Dragway season was held on Friday night at the Variety Club Banquet Hall in Lancaster. Dale Eckert of South Wales, N.Y. was crowned champ in Top ET for the second-straight year. Eckert now has 12 track championships over the last 13 seasons. In McGard Mod ET, Jeff Kerl of Cheektowaga, N.Y. claimed fourth career class championship, and first since 2009. Mike Peters of Angola, N.Y. took top honors in Hebeler’s Sales Bikes & Sleds for the third year in a row. Mason Fix of Amherst, N.Y., was honored as Tread City Tire Street ET champion as he also was a “three-peat” champion.

Drag Champs: Mike Peters, Mason Fix & Jeff Kerl

The Sportsman of the Year award went to competitor Dave Texido for his efforts behind the scenes at Lancaster Dragway. The second annual Libby Gayman Award went to Ann-Marie Nugent in honor of her support of Team Lancaster at the IHRA Summit Team Finals.

As an added bonus to what was already a special evening, the 2018 class of the Lancaster National Dragway Wall of Fame were also inducted. Inductees included former track champion and IHRA National Event winner Mike Swinarski, racer and major supporter of Sunday Nostalgia Weekend Dick Collins and former racer and accomplished chassis builder John Torrelli. Former track employee Mac Myers was inducted posthumously, his son and current LNS&D Director of Safety Mike Myers accepted on his behalf.

The Speedway banquet was held the following night at the Buffalo Pizza & Tap Room. Leading the list of 2018 track champions was Owen Bednasz of Lakeview, N.Y. who claimed his first career VP Racing Fuels Sportsman title. Bednasz’s championship season was highlighted by his feature win on July 14 and top ten finishes in all nine regular season Sportsman races.

Andy Cryan of Buffalo was the 2018 Advance Auto Parts Street Stock champion thanks to a nine-win season in the division. Cryan paid tribute to the late John Julicher, Sr. in his acceptance speech for the support and mentoring he gave Cryan during the final years of his life.

Dan Dressel of Amherst, N.Y. clinched the 2018 Roaming Buffalo 4-Cylinder championship with four wins this past season. He recorded top ten finishes in all 14 4-Cylinder features in 2018.

Street Stock driver Mike Dalfonso received the 2018 Alex Friesen Spirit of Racing Award. Dalfonso continues to improve in the competitive Street Stock division, but is also willing to lend a hand to his fellow competitors when needed. Lancaster National Speedway lead tech inspector Dave Johnson was honored with the Tommy Druar Contribution to Racing Award. In his three years on the job, Johnson has tirelessly sought to improve the tech inspection process, worked on rules changes and used his own money to acquire new tech tools for his staff.

Both programs had their largest banquet gatherings in several years with over 150 guests at each event. Following the Stock Car banquet on Saturday, Program Director Todd Hannon assured those in attendance that racing will continue at Lancaster in 2019.

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