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59th Season Opening Queen City Clash Pit Notes

Saturday, April 22,2017:

9 am – Pit Gates Open…stay in your vehicle and pull up to the registration booth. You will sign the waiver forms in your vehicle while waiting to pull up, then head over to pay window to get out and pay. Once done, get back in and head to the pits. We are going to TRY this for a few weeks. If people start hiding in trailers and such to avoid paying, we will go back to you getting out of your vehicle, walking up, waiting in line, then walking back to your vehicle to drive to the pits.

9:30 am – Safety Tech Inspection begins, have all your items (helmet, gloves, shoes, one-way radio etc.) ready, there will be NO exceptions.

9:45 am – Fuel Sales Begin

11am – Practice Begins (rotating divisions) Two Rounds

  • Roaming Buffalo 4 Cylinders
  • NYPA TQ Midgets
  • Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks
  • Sunoco Sportsman

12 pm – Grandstand Gates Open


2 pm – Opening Ceremonies Begin – National Anthem

First Roaming Buffalo 4 Cylinders Heat Race – be lined up in order on backstretch of inner oval BEFORE the Anthems

Heat Race Winners: Stop just past the Start/Finish Line along the Inner Wall to have your picture taken by the photographer with checkered flag in your hand

Heat Race Order as follows:

  • Roaming Buffalo Four Cylinder Qualifying Races (8 laps – inner oval)
  • NYPA TQ Midgets Qualifying Races (8 laps – inner oval)
  • Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks Qualifying Races (8 laps – outer oval)
  • Sunoco Sportsman Qualifying Races (8 laps – outer oval)

Intermission – 15 minutes (Old Man Engineering Big Wheels)

Feature Races on Inner Oval Begin, order as follows:

  • Roaming Buffalo Four Cylinder Feature Race (25 laps – inner oval)
  • NYPA TQ Midgets Feature Race (20 laps – inner oval)
  • Advance Auto Parts Street Stocks Feature Race (25 laps – outer oval)
  • Sunoco Sportsman Feature Race (35 laps – outer oval)
  • ALL drivers MUST use a one-way radio – frequency 454.000
  • Race Procedure;
  • All starts and restarts will be at the opening in the wall (driver’s right) exiting turn four (4). The front row must maintain an even and steady pace to the start / restart point.
  • The leader of the race will have choice. The leader may choose inside or outside and will be signaled to choose over the one-way radio.
  • All restarts will be double-file lead lap cars to the front. Lapped or down cars will be moved to the rear of the field over the one-way radio.
  • All races will end with a green-white-checkered finish.
  • When the caution flag is displayed, roll out of the throttle, get single-file. Passing will not be permitted.
  • Scoring will be based on the last completed green flag lap. Racing under the caution and/or back to the start/finish line will not be permitted.
  • If you are involved in the accident, please stay with your vehicle and return to the pit area with the safety crew. If you do not stay with your vehicle, you may be subject to a penalty per the rule book.
  • In the event of a red flag, all cars must stop on the racing surface. Once the field is stopped and under control, the race director may give competitors the opportunity to return to the pit area for service under a controlled speed. Work will be permitted during red flag periods in the competitors specified pit area. Any competitor who chooses to perform work on their vehicle in their specified area must surrender their starting position and restart the race at the rear of the field. Any competitor who moves their vehicle under the red without acknowledgment from the race director or has work performed on the racing surface or an unspecified area will be penalized at the discretion of the race director.

Any Lancaster National Speedway Stock Car Driver who have registered his/her car and has his/her membership card is allowed to attend any regular Friday night Drag Racing event free of charge with proof of membership.

  • Pay off will be available at the track office starting Thursday following each event after 2pm. Identification is required to pick up checks. A completed W – 9 from the owner is required. If there is no W-9 on file, the purse will not be processed for that car and/or driver.  If the purse check is not picked up at the next Stock Car event, it will be mailed to the address as stated on the W-9. W-9 forms are available online with driver registration information (, at the track office and/or the back gate.
  • At the conclusion of the event, please make sure your pit area is clean and clear of debris.
  • Minors under the age of 14 are not permitted in the pit area until all racing has been completed.

Note: Next Week, April 29, Race of Champions Modified Fans in the Stands 75 plus Street Stocks, 4 Cylinders and Race of Champions Super Stocks.

Tech Notes: ALL cars must be safety teched before they are allowed to practice. No Exceptions.

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