2018 Summer Slam Race Procedures

2018 Joe Reilly Sportsman Summer Slam 75 by A-Verdi Storage Containers
Race Procedures

➢ Two-way radios are permitted
➢ One way radios are MANDATORY. Track frequency is 454.000
➢ Qualification for feature position is through heats. (8 lap heats, Drivers will draw for heat starting spots at back gate when signing in)
➢ Qualified drivers will redraw for feature line up. (Redraw number to be determined on race day)
➢ All teams are allowed four (4) new tires for this race only (Must be purchased through Lancaster National Speedway distributor)
➢ Drivers must start the heat and feature on the same tires – tires will be marked. Drivers must also fill out a tire sheet available at the tech barn
➢ Durometer rule is in effect for post-race inspection. After taking the checkered flag, cars are allowed one cool down lap and MUST REMAIN IN THE RACING GROOVE. If the driver goes in the grass or high in the racing groove on the cool down lap, they will be immediately disqualified. A minimum of the top 3 will be required to stop. Listen to the one-way radio for instructions.
➢ The qualified cars must report to the scales immediately after their qualifying heat to be weighed. Cars must weigh 2600 lb./2650 lb. within motor rules
➢ Cars must also weigh 2600 lb./2650 PRIOR to the feature. ALL cars must go through the scales prior to lining up. Drivers are to go to scales and directly to turn 4 line up chute. If a car returns to its pits or stops for any reason, they will be sent back through the scales.
➢ Any cars running the SK motor package from Spencer, Chemung, etc must weigh 2650 after heat race and Prior to the feature.
➢ 75-lap feature event with a 25-25-25 format. Cautions count in middle 25 laps, max of three caution laps at a time.
➢ This is a non-Lancaster National Speedway points event.

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